Sunday, 23 February 2014

Nineteen of us met Saturday afternoon at Forty Creek for a tour. Of course we drove as the winds were 80km and the temperature was -4C.

The shop exhibited excellent workmanship.

    Dave stood guard to ensure the groups safety and protected the goods.

Well that didn't last long as everyone wanted to get in on the action.

John Hall - Started the Distillery in Grimsby in 1992.
His passion was to make hand - crafted Ontario made spirits. Little did he know, 18 years later his passion and patience would translate into top selling spirit brands.

Adrian enjoying the tour waiting room

 Our tour guide relaxed without his cue-cards. 

Being shown the soaring stainless steel distillery columns.

The well known burnished copper pot. After fermentation the distiller's product passes through a still where steam heats the liquid to boiling. Alcohol & natural flavours have a lower boiling point than water. The heating separates the alcohol & flavours from the water. The alcohol & flavour vapours are then cooled & condensed into a clear, colourless young whisky spirit.



Frank & Bob enjoying the ageing room.


Madonna with Michelle and Virginia deciding which barrel is the best?

 Young whisky is put into oak barrels where the interaction with the wood, and a slow evaporation process, cause the spirit to change from a young, harsh whisky to an aged, mellow, smooth whisky. Both the choice of oak barrel, and the length of time the whisky is aged, as well as the climate of the ageing location affect the final flavours of the whisky. By law, a Canadian whisky must spend at least 3 years ageing in oak barrels. However the distiller will usually choose to age whiskies for varying lengths of time.

The bottling process. Forty Creek also bottle for Appleton Estate.

REMEMBER never consume alcohol and drive or ride.

After an excellent tour half the group went to Niagara Falls the other to an excellent Rib-Fest restaurant.

 Getting ready for the feast!

Dave & Gary deciding what the tongues could be used for.

The food was outstanding. If you have never eaten at the Brasa you must give it a try.